Alloy Dream Logo Wallpaper graphic art by Rybird.

Alloy Dream Logo Wallpaper graphic art by Rybird.

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Alloy Dream Sundering Fate Album Art

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Editorial Reviews
Sundering Fate.
With battles and challenges, conflicts and overcoming, Sundering Fate tells a vibrant story set to the progressive music of Alloy Dream. A fusion of the intellectual instrumentation and strong vocals of Audio Weapon combines with the unrestrained synthesizer work and narrative tone of Rybird to form a symphonic alloy. Ten stimulating stories are threaded together for a complete tale of adversity and growth, a fate sundering through time.

Sundering Fate is:
1: Son of Odin
2: High Noon
3: Dialing for Deals
4: I am Free
5: Scars
6: Steel Falls
7: Demon In Your Dream
8: Industrial Moon
9: Into the Realm
10 Sundering Fate

Alloy Dream is a Rybird/Audioweapon Production.

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"John Wayne's Nightmare....Ennio Morricone whistling in the heat, but it's not the intro to another Italo-Western this time... hopefully just the cock-and-bull story of some well-oiled cowboy, but who knows? (and who wants to know?)
Another great musical vision realized by Rybird & Audio Weapon, their abilities to melt their styles into one are outstanding."Joseph

“The distorted guitar sounds like giant steps, a demon from the deep sea followed by sirens, flushing the creatures of the sleepy wood… they’re swirling around an almost unimpressed skeleton drummer hitting that snare with a deadly precision…
I like the blending of all the elements and sounds, especially the bone-dry non-metal drums, this is an outstanding piece of psychedelic music!”  Headstones and Cloves


 "Alloy Dream are powerful artists that stun and amaze the listener with the powerful music, lyrical message and impeccable precision and attention to detail. Demon in your Dream has a hard hitting beat accompanied by mind blowing surrounding sounds and lyrics that lead and connect to the dark regions that exist in us all yet few admit to. This Artist courageously dares to go there and confront the Demon that is in all our Dreams. Very well done and a recommended must hear." Koala Chaos

Alloy Dream are the electronic artists Rybird and Rob who is also known as the progressive rock artist Audio Weapon and the electronic artist Electron Planet. Together they blend an unusual alloy of classic and progressive rock, metal and electronica music into a dramatic musical confection.  Using modern instrumentation, including extended range guitars and synthesizers, they have molded their talent and experience into an imaginative musical style. Alloy Dream’s  works are crafted abstract adventures with a theme leading to new realms, traveling in unrestrained form like a dancer exploring new heights.


Read Sundering Fate- The Story - Son of Odin Audioweapon

Read Sundering Fate- The Story

 Read The Story – Sundering Fate.……unswayed by the certainty of destruction, I submerge myself into the blind mist of confusion. Tumultuous storms brew as I become my own enemy, inflicting the misery of despair into the crevices of my mind. For I have never used nor needed hope as an escape from the battlefield of my existence………”