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Master of Bovinity is a deviability born out of the vexation of boredom. Personally calling it An Exercise in Futility, the music is furtive and forte. Passages of trance, world, new age and ambient music molt into a single experience. Resonant of blitz and crinkle, it is the inconsistencies that are the attraction of this work.
Many times I have seen or heard humans comparing humans to animals,often in the context of criminals or people that have gone against the acceptance of society. I see or hear phrases such as “They are no better than a animal.” or simply, “They are animals.” To better my understanding of animals, I have watched the local animals with an open and thoughtful mind. I have discovered that there is no inferiority of the animals to humans, nor is there any inferiority of humans to animals. Animals have social order with laws and consequences just like humans do, yet their motives seem to be more innocent. Perhaps we notice humans that have deviated outside the acceptable behavior that we believe should exist and cannot tell very often that animals also deviate in what many humans call a sin. Not to go into a religious commentary, but ... please continue reading at my blog post here.   Understanding Animals  opens in new tab so you can keep listening while you read, not a long read, rather short and strong.

But the music reflects a mixture of moods, each beginning with one song that was well defined within a certain genre of electronic or rock music, whether it be new age, or electronic rock, or downbeat. Then there is the album, a composition or arrangement of the songs, but I didn't just put songs in a certain order then call it an album,. No it is not a set of individual songs just sold together. They have fused themselves through actions into one another, creating one long track that can be skipped around on, but is not meant to be heard that way. The album as a whole is one long performance similar to a road trip is a series of roads to get from one destination to another.