Kaztyra's Child Fringe Art

Kaztyra’s Child Fringe Art

Video Showcase – Fusionist Visual Constructs. Alernity, Fringe, Abstract, Concept, Scenic, Nature, Art, New Media, Creative, Music, Videos


Scenic and new age, with stunning visuals of landscapes, terrain and wildlife summarize many of these videos. Other music videos are experimental visuals in which I incorporates techniques such as time warping, compositing or layering, image reversal, colorization, and combining contrasting images, among many other creative methods in an abstract manner to portray meaning to his videos. The music itself is imaginative and emotional, lending from past experiences and current dreams giving the videos a solid foundation to expand his ideas. Bizarre, intriguing, captivating and surreal is how I might describe some of them while my latest works center around my digital abstract art. The music has been described as profound, innovative, and tantalizing by Alex F. and mesmerizing, hypnotic and clever by Jacki W. and a vortex of swirling creativity by Zignit. “Insane indeed ,,,,, Love it” says Dossers Urge

There is no sound greater than silence.

The only thing I know about art is I am going to hell for coloring outside the lines.